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Opal is full of high vibrational energy, amplification powers, and a perfect sense of balance. It not only kickstarts your creative heart but can also bring renewed hope, good karma, bright balance, and regulation. Opal can also be a good luck charm, helping the wearer to attract amazing things into their aura. 

Thanks to the infusion of color and light, it is an awesome gem for rousing lightness and spontaneity and also lends a hand when it comes to all kinds of creative projects too. It’s a rare stone and this comes with its own kind of status and elements of luxury, opulence, and leading a unique life. This doesn’t have to be related to money but can also be about the other luxuries of life. The luxury of knowing and trusting yourself. The luxury of fortune and luck. The luxury of seduction, love, and passion. Just like the dancing light of its surface suggests, Opal wants you to taste all the colors and more.

Physical Healing

  • Can treat infections and reduce fever
  • A good elixir for the eyes and renewing skin cells

The Opal Stone is believed to be flushed with health. This gem can help to treat infections and lower fevers along with boosting the immune system. If you have any constriction of the chest or respiratory system, Opal can also help to alleviate this pressure and bring a lightness to the breath once more. Those who have been struggling with a long-term illness or chronic condition may find the Opal stone a solid companion in assisting their journey back to the fullest flush of health.

The Opal Stone can also help the liver the function well and can cut down on the pains associated with PMS and childbirth. It’s a good elixir for bringing brightness to the eyes for renewing skin cells for dewy youth, and for strengthening the condition of the nails and the hair. For those who struggle with water retention, Opal can also help to flush the system too.

Mental & Emotional Healing

  • Brings balance and harmony
  • Known as a hope stone

Opal always wants to bring complete balance and harmony to your being. This gem has deep internal energy and encourages you not to shy away from yourself but to have the strength and the courage to look deep inside. Opal is also about amplification, meaning that this gem takes a smidge of a thought or feeling and shines a light on it so you can see clearly. It takes these feelings and amplifies it, sending messages out to the universe, and helping you to sweep out the junk that may have been clouding your vision and your heart.

Opal invites you to let go of old wounds, old patterns, and old connections that aren’t serving you anymore. But it also invites you to take those lessons with you without being attached to the pain. Opal is known as a hope stone and a stone of pure positive change. It won’t lead you down any paths that will set you back, but instead, it helps you to work through the emotional challenges so that you can balance your feelings and find your full potential waiting at the other side.

Opal doesn’t skim the surface on emotional healing but invites you to take responsibility and own your actions. This is hugely important in life as it helps us to understand the ways we are acting and to make reparations when necessary. This maturity is pure magic and heals relationships deeply without invalidating our own feelings.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Can clear all the chakras
  • Connected to higher communication

There are so many different shades of Opal out there and you will find the kind that links to each and every chakra. Infused with light and shot with color, Opals respond well to many different chakras and thanks to all that high vibrational energy, they are also great at kicking out any blockages in the body. It’s a glorious mineral for carrying spiritual light to the aura and making sure that even when infused in a heavenly glow, that you stay protected and shielded on your journey through any shamanic path you are sure to take.

Being a stone of light means that Opal is also connected to higher communication and the spirit realm. For those looking for angelic connections, to converse with the spirit realm, or wanting to strengthen any psychic gifts they have – Opal can assist in all of this and more.

Having a heavy water connection also means that this mineral brings soft fluid energy to the table too. Its vibrations connect beautifully with water and as we too are made up of high water content, it also means that we can use our water energy in sync with the stone. Whether wanting a surge of energy, a soft lapping flow, a cleansing plunge, or to be pulled in the right direction by the light of the moon – Opal invites you to stay cool, clear, and in communion with water.

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